Wayne's Values

Wayne stands as an independent candidate, free from party constraints and focused on serving the Sunshine Coast community. His commitment to "Fair for All" reflects his values of diversity, inclusion, and equity. A life dedicated to service, both locally and internationally, fuels his desire to use his unique experience and skills to benefit the region.

  • Wayne Parcell outside a property.


    • Not beholden to party politics or donors.
    • Resigned from both LNP and Young Liberals due to misalignment with values.
    • Dedicated to serving the people of the Sunshine Coast, not party interests.

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    Fair for All

    • Champions diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and reconciliation.
    • Recognises the economic and cultural diversity of the Sunshine Coast.
    • Values community engagement and delivering for all distinct communities.

    Wayne Parcell talking to a business owner


    • Dedicated to service through government, policy, business, and community work.
    • Draws on diverse international experience and legal skills.
    • Ready to put unique life and career experiences to work for the Sunshine Coast.

Wayne's Values

Diversity & Inclusion

Wayne embraces the multifaceted nature of the Sunshine Coast community, valuing both diversity as a strength and inclusion as a key principle. He envisions a council that fosters a culture of respect and appreciation for all residents, regardless of their individual differences.

Recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness of every individual.
Views the collective differences as contributing to a richer community.
Prioritises respect and appreciation for all members of the Sunshine Coast community.
Aims to create an environment where diverse backgrounds and perspectives are valued and welcomed.


Wayne prioritises responsible development, ensuring the Sunshine Coast's beauty and resources are sustained for future generations. He envisions a shared vision where everyone connects with the natural world, fostering appreciation and understanding of its importance. Through concrete actions, community engagement, and investments in innovation, Wayne aims to make the Sunshine Coast a model for sustainable living for generations to come.

Intergenerational responsibility:
Committed to sustainable development that meets current needs without compromising the future.
Environmental connection:
Fostering a shared vision for the future where everyone enjoys and protects the natural environment.
Innovation and Investment
Championing cutting-edge solutions and investing in sustainable infrastructure and technologies.

Reconciliation & Community

Wayne respects the traditional owners of the land and champions reconciliation through open communication. He recognises the diverse tapestry of the Sunshine Coast and believes that trust, collaboration, and care are essential for a thriving community.

Acknowledges the traditional custodianship of the Jinibara and Gubbi Gubbi people.
Advocates for respectful dialogue, listening, and interaction to facilitate healing and unity.
Recognises the Sunshine Coast as a diverse blend of individuals and communities with unique aspirations.
Emphasises the importance of trust, collaboration, and care for the collective well-being.

Creativity & Expression

Wayne believes in nurturing a vibrant and innovative community by fostering creativity and diverse forms of expression. He envisions a Creative Council to support artistic endeavours and advocates for council initiatives that bring joy and celebrate the rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives within the community. By incorporating specific examples and outlining concrete plans, Wayne can strengthen his message and demonstrate his commitment to promoting a thriving cultural landscape on the Sunshine Coast.

Believes a healthy environment fosters ingenuity, invention, and imagination.
Advocates for a Creative Council to support artistic expression and innovation.
Aims to foster outcomes that deliver surprising joy and diverse avenues for expression of feelings and ideas.
Recognises the importance of diverse perspectives and experiences in vibrant learning and entertainment.
Views council support as crucial for promoting cultural expression.