Policy Positions for 2024 Mayoral Campaign

By 2028, we envision the Sunshine Coast region as a thriving hub of innovation, sustainability, creativity and community engagement with close to 500,000 residents and a near $30billion economy.

With a focus on preserving the region's outstanding natural beauty, fostering economic growth and environmental values, we aim to create a vibrant ecosystem where businesses, residents, and visitors alike can thrive; our region is unique because celebrating community diversity has always been our difference. As custodians of our Sunshine Coast Biosphere we will activate our communities’ shared values, acting together to live, work, learn and play towards a future we can all be proud of.

Change that matters to you

  • Value-for-money – review expenditure and reduce waste
  • Planning for progress & preservation – balance lifestyle and economics
  • New generation of housing for all – affordable homes
  • Transport – better now & for the future – getting around made easier
  • Our natural & built environment – embrace best practice planning
  • Your community has a place in our region – everyone is heard
  • Creative you, creative us – welcoming art driven influences
  • Active living – health and well-being
  • Collaborating with the private sector and government – working together
  • The 2032 Olympics – playing to our future

These policy positions are founded on our values and the feedback and commentary received during the community engagement tour conducted through all 10 Divisions of the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area by your Mayoral Candidate Wayne Parcell PSM and his team in the lead-up to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council elections scheduled for 16 March 2024.